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At R_CAD Solutions, we are offering complete Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Solutions. It helps those organizations who are looking to outsource their laborious task of manual part-programming for CNC Milling/Lathe machines. We use sophisticated CNC solutions to automate the process of generating CNC codes thereby eliminating the risks of human error, which occurs so often when the CNC code is manually created.

The main benefit of using Cam Solution is that any error that may happen due to tool gouging improperly placed clamps etc can easily be identified and rectified before the actual machining starts. This may directly reduce product development cycles and time to develop fine product.


R_CAD Solutions is pioneer in this industry providing world class CAM Development Solutions with expert engineering team. R_CAD house offers complete life cycle support for major engineering projects and services on all different platforms with the help of their own developed methodologies, tools and expertise.  Below are main highlights of R_CAD CAM Service expertise.

If you are with R_CAD Solutions, you are in safe hand. We will take care about your requirements with our best CAM skills. We always believe in result driven work for our client and on time work with best quality is our commitment for CAM Solution.

CNC Milling & Lathe Programming

  • With this we can carry the design into surfacing, parting lines, tool path generation etc. We have tie-ups with various Tool Rooms for testing and taking models up to the best manufacturing stage.
  • Also with the help of it, we can undertake the task of customizing the client’s post processor so that the machining codes generated are compatible with the CNC machine. RCAD Services offers these services for 3 to 5 axis milling and turning.
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Tool, Mould & Die Design

  • Our capabilities include design and development of press tools, jigs and fixtures, dies & punches die design used for cast, forged and sheet metal components and mould design for plastic components.
  • We at R_CAD Solutions also offering solutions and services for mold & die industry as well. We can design complete mold with all your requirements starting from mold base itself. We are specializing in the mold industry as we have handled many mold projects till today.
  • R_CAD team experts first interact with client to understand core requirements and manufacturing methods. To achieve your desire mold, we take care about each of guidelines and instructions very carefully. Upon client’s confirmation, we also generate the CNC codes for the core & cavity created.
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RCAD Solutions CAM Expertise:

  • We have got mastery in cutting-edge CAM technologies which help us to stay ahead of others.
  • We have developed highly technical lab with all latest software and tools used for providing CAM Solution.
  • We have got huge experience of handling some most challenging CAM projects with complex requirements to be fulfilled.
  • We are always place 100% focus to understanding our client requirements to deliver best quality CAM services to increase fine quality of product in limited time period.

Functional areas of R-CAD Services to offer CAM Solution:

  • Tool path generation
  • Tool path optimization
  • Manufacturing Process Development
  • Mould, Die, Jigs and Fixture Design
  • Prototype Development
  • 3 to 5 axis milling and turning
  • 2D Machining
  • High Speed Machining
  • Electrode Modeling and Machining
  • CNC Programming

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