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R_CAD Solutions has years of experience Serving many industries with their mechanical product design and crafting expertise. We are involve in some potential mechanical product design projects with our team of expert engineers who are always been strength of R_CAD Solutions. We have developed highly technical lab for product design, crafting and manufacturing. We at R_CAD Solutions have all latest CAD software’s like Pro Engineer Wildfire.

CAD/CAM/CAE Services is the mastery of R_CAD Solutions. Since the year of establishment, we have delivered excellent mechanical designs to our clients worldwide. We are delivering our services to many big industries like medical, shipping, railways, automotive, aeronautical, aerospace, education, heavy machineries, pharmaceutics and many more.


At R_CAD Solutions we are always committed for providing quality CAD Services through excellent CAD designs on time with quality to our clients.

Detailing of Part and Assembly

  • After complete checking of assembly generate 2d drawing for manufacturing with standard GD&T with company title block, generation of assembly drawing with complete BOM includes creating balloons as per part list.
  • We also provide 3D view, Exploded View in drawing to visualize the part and assembly.
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Photo rendering and Animation

  • This service includes creation of stunning images and assembly animations.
  • Assembly animation helps to understand the assembly and disassembly sequences.
  • We can enhance real-time photorealistic rendering with added shadows, reflections support, perspective views and exploded-state animations.
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CAD-to-CAD Data Migration

  • Here data from one CAD package can be transferred or recreated in other CAD packages to meet client requirements.
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2D To 3D Conversion

  • We generate 3D CAD models from excising 2D drawings and sketches, just to give you exact weight and cg of the product which help you to improve your design.
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  • Once the creation of the part models ends, all different parts can be assembled for interference checks, tolerance analysis and mass property calculations.
  • Digital Mockup (DMU) can be simulated to visualize the functioning of the part.
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Data Conversion

  • Legacy Data Migration and digitization into latest CAD systems and model migration across different CAD platforms. Moreover, we also perform convert hand drafted drawings (available in 2D), to electronic CAD files (paper to CAD conversions) through scanning and digitization.

Generation of Sheet metal Components

  • To get exact development length and developing cycle for manufacturing product, Sheet metal components are generated in sheet metal module to add k & y factor so that trial and error can be avoided.

3D Modeling

  • In this type of service, we include creation of fully constrained parametric 3D solid models and assembly models from source data and reverse engineering using CMM / laser scanning for Finite Element structural analysis or any other related work.

Product Design and Crafting

  • This includes various conceptual design, assembly design, component design, Interference checks and tolerance analysis for components and assemblies.

Virtual Prototyping

  • This is very important CAD service provided by RCAD. It includes control mechanism design useful for Engine related-compressor, valves, vanes, gearbox simulations.
  • It includes functional virtual prototyping & test validation of dynamic systems. This mechanism helps to show real time working so that we can get ideas about its working pattern to avoid collision between parts.

Freeform Surface Modeling

  • This process includes generation of continuous curves and surfaces, analyzing and modifying curve shapes, manipulating curves and surfaces in complex models.

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