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Mould design

RCAD Services understands that there is no benefit of having Advance technology without people and processes to make it efficient, reliable and fast. Major successful companies mostly works on business flow and production flow with the help of additional leading-edge technologies like mold design. We can create good work with excellent faster progress if high speed machining is available and backlog in polishing is extreme.

The mold design technology is used with special purpose in engineering product design companies like RCAD Services. We know that without overall efficiency, the buyer may not see a reduction in the delivery time and will not consider the service to be rapid. Here the role of mold design technology comes in to picture.


Manufacturing Services and Tooling:

RCAD Services provides compete manufacturing support for entire Product Development Cycle along with scalability based on customer requirement.

  • Patterns for Sand Casting components
  • BIW Fixtures for Automotive
  • SPM and Jigs & Fixtures for Machining of components  
  • Moulds for Plastic components
  • Press Tools for Sheet Metal components
  • Die casting Dies for Castings
  • Forging Dies for forging components

Manufacturing Services and Component Sourcing:

Moreover, RCAD Services provides production and Supply of

  • Plastic components
  • Sheet Metal components
  • Forging components
  • Casting components
  • Precision Machining parts   

RCAD Services and its Production Setup:

CNC milling machines available under tie-ups

  • Deckel vertical milling machine XYZ=600*450*450 2 nos.
  • Makino high speed milling machine XYZ=650*400*400 1 no.
  • Super max vertical machine XYZ=650*410*610 1 no.
  • Chavelier Vertical milling machine XYZ=850*500*500 1 no.
  • Dahlih vertical milling machine XYZ=2100*850*760 1 no.
  • Makino S56
  • HAAS

Also CNC Turning Machines available under tie-ups

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