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Surface class

Basically, Class A surfaces is an important term used in automotive design which describes a set of freeform surfaces of high efficiency and quality. Strictly, it is just surfaces having curvature and tangency alignment. Mostly Class A surfacing is done with the help of computer aided industrial design applications like CAD/CAM/CAE. Our industrial product designers at RCAD Services develop their design styling with the use of the A surface. This A surface is the Physical surface that end user and client can see, feel and touch it.

As we all know, class A surfacing is itself an art form, it is mandatory to choose right tools to make world class appealing product to be successful in market. Our design engineers of RCAD Services understand its importance very well. We use ICEM Surf software for our surface modeling projects for clients. It is used by all automotive design companies worldwide as Class A Surface Design tool.

ICEM software works excellent with error free outcome. It has some specialties which make it unique from other designing software tools, such one characteristic of it is Surface analysis tool of it. It generates many in detail accurate reports, among them Surface sections, curvature sections, curvature plots and highlight plots are very important reports available to the modeler. However what makes ICEM very special is, its capacity to work with real time data. Those plots and reports generated by ICEM can be updated in real time, as soon as the modeler makes changes to the surfaces.

ICEM is just one software among many other such powerful softwares used by RCAD Services for excellent and accurate error free designs. For more details just call RCAD Services or mail RCAD Services.

We would love to help you for your Surface Modeling project with our expertise and experience both.

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