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PTC Authorised Training Center

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PTC Authorised Training Center

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Free Workshhop on AutoDESK Fusion, Enroll and get Certificate of AutoDESK Fusion.

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CAM applies in Production, Manufacturing Program Generating by design software which is used to run Advanced CNC Machines. It makes Production Fast with high Accuracy and Quality.

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  Introduction CNC Machine Programing
  NC and CNC Programing
  Tooling and Jig Fixture
 Machine Manufacturing Geometry
  NC Setup Define Job, Work Piece, Tool
  NC Define Parameter (Feed, Speed, Step Over Etc.)
 NC Sequence Mill, Mill-turn (3,4 & 5 Axis)
 NC Squence Drill
  NC Simulation Programm Play
 Post Process Configuration
 NC Process Development
  Programing For Laser
 Jet, EDM, Spark Erosion CNC M/C

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