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Piping Engineering Course Content

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 1. Fundamentals of pipe and pipe fitting
  • Pipe dimension and pipe representation
  • Pipe joining Methods 
  • Pipe fittings 
 2. Piping system component
  • Basics of flanges 
  • Flange Rating and flange type
  • Different types of valves and their applications
  • Piping restrains
 3. ASME codes and standards
  • Introduction to B 31.3 process piping code 
  • ASME Standards for common piping element 
  • Piping specification
  • Material Selection
 4. Piping material and material specification
  • Material Properties 
  • Classification of  Material
  • Material Specification as per ASTM
  • Material Selection 
 5. Pipe Hangers and supports
  • Classification of supports 
  • Anchors, pipe guides and Limits stop
  • Pipe Shoe dummy leg/trunnion
  • Field Support and Base Support
  • Rigid Hangars rod
 6. Pipe Rack
  • Principle of pipe rack Design
  • Tier Specification
  • Height and width calculation
 7. Equipment Modeling
  • Creating equipment by using primitives 
  • Crating obstruction 
  • Manipulation of primitives and equipment
  • Nozzle placement and manipulation
 8. Pipe design
  • Pipe and branch creation
  • Pipe routing and slope piping
  • Manipulating piping components and assemblies
  • Checking and rectifying classes
 9. Drafts
  • Preparing layouts by using draft modules 
  • Creating views 
  • Motion and dimensioning
 10. ISO draft
  • Extracting Isometrics 
  • Preparation isometrics for fabrication and erection

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