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Pro-Engineer CAD (Creo parametric 3.0)

CAD applies in design 3D Modeling and 2D drafting work by advanced Design Software. 3D part modeling, 2D drawings, Parts Assembly, Model & Assembly feasibility check with Engineering Standards.

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  • Basic overview about actual design fundamentals and its implementation methods
  • Superiority of software with its use and demand in Industries. All characteristics of software to user friendly atmosphere
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  • Module comprise of total fundaments of 2-D drafting and drawing methods
  • Creating a sketch, giving constrain and making a fully parametric sketch.
  • Importing a other cad data from different format.
  • With paramatricity and extremely important constraints leading to industrial drawing.
  • Understand total concepts to generate parts, surface and other complex features.
  • Converting sketches in to 3-D with basic commands like extrude, revolve.
  • Making complete as well as complex parts with such features like sweep blend, swept blend, etc.
  • Parts can be easily modified with the help of productivity commands like mirror, pattern, shell, hole, round, chamfer, etc.
  • Other operation also helps to work on complex parts like, Datum (plane, axis, and points), Sketch creation, etc.
  • Mass property calculation, Find out CG of the product, Moment of Inertia etc.
  • Parts can be assembled as in conventional (Bottom-Up) assembly.
  • Also innovative method (Top-Down) can be implemented.
  • You can make parametric assembly for similar type of projects.
  • Exploding assemblies to give better realistic view and customer understanding.
  • After creation of the part models, the different parts can be assembled for interference checks, tolerance analysis and mass property calculations.
  • Digital Mockup (DMU) can be simulated to visualize the functioning of the part.
  • Simplified representation to give ideas about assembly and for presentation.
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  • One of the easiest ways to automate your engineering and drafting process.
  • Contain a title block, borders, parameters, and even imported company logos.
  • Includes features like view creation like top, front, isometric , sectional, detail view and manipulation
  • To give dimensions and tolerances, Symbols, Notes, Sheets.
  • To set dimension style as per standard, like iso, din, jis, etc
  • To create multiple model drawings, Family Tables and parametric BOM with ballooning
  • Draft entities, Markup Mode, Output: Plotting, IGES, DXF,pdf, etc
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  • Add markup elements, such as geometric elements, clouds, text
  • dimensions to the comment using the markup tools.
  • Material calculation with the help of tools like, Wall Features, Notch & Punch Features, Cut & Rip Features, Creating Bend Reliefs, Bendback,
  • Unbend Features, Flat Pattern, Features, Flat State, Form and Flatten Features, Flat Pattern Views, etc.
  • Also you can calculate the development of product for manufacturing process.
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  • Quickly create stunning, photo-realistic product images. prototypes or staged background scenery.
  • Produce richer marketing material and enable more compelling design reviews in less time and without costly physical
  • Enhanced real-time photorealistic rendering with added shadows and reflections support, perspective views, and exploded-state animations.
  • To make a assembly and dis assembly method to understand the actual method.
  • Virtually simulate the forces and accelerations in systems with moving components.
  • Dynamic influences such as springs, motors, friction, and gravity implemented.
  • Accurate measurements from a dynamic analysis.
  • To visualize the actual working method of the machine.
  • To find the collision at the time of working to save the time and material
  • Workflow with respect to setup for render and all its options.
  • Material application and room adjustments
  • New procedural texture tools in detail.
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  • User defined features that can be used many times to get easier work experience.
  • Set own work environment i.e.: background, line colors, toolbars, etc.
  • Parts with manufacturing precision and tolerance
  • All standards including industrial norms.
  • Measurements of entities, checking and correction.
  • Model related interference can be checked.
  • Complex parts with multi-planer surface i.e.: car body, mouse etc.
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  • More than two industrial projects have to be done by students to familiarize with industrial environment.
  • Depending on student demand we arrange for industrial training as well.

Pro-Engineer CAM (Creo parametric 3.0)

CAM applies in Production, Manufacturing Program Generating by design software which is used to run Advanced CNC Machines. It makes Production Fast with high Accuracy and Quality.

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  Introduction CNC Machine Programing
  NC and CNC Programing
 Tooling and Jig Fixture
  Machine Manufacturing Geometry
  NC Setup Define Job, Work Piece, Tool
  NC Define Parameter (Feed, Speed, Step Over Etc.)
  NC Sequence Mill, Mill-turn (3,4 & 5 Axis)
  NC Squence Drill
  NC Simulation Programm Play
  Post Process Configuration
  NC Process Development
  Programing For Laser
  Jet, EDM, Spark Erosion CNC M/C

Pro-Engineer CAE (Creo parametric 3.0)

CAE means Analysis of Designed Product. One can check the Feasibility, Compatibility and Functionality of the product by doing Structure and Thermal Analysis, Electromagnetic Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics etc.

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  Fundamentals of FEA
  Import Models and Interchangeability
 General Analysis Procedure
  • Preliminary Decisions
  • Preprocessing
    • Create Solid Model
    • Create FEA Model
    • Define Material
  • Solution
    • Define Loads
  • Postprocessing
    • Review Results
    • Verification
 Structural Analysis (Static and Dynamic)
 Thermal Analysis and Coupled Field Analysis
 Normal Mode Analysis and Frequency
 Response Analysis
 Advanced FEA Course
  • Advanced Contact Manager
  • Advanced Meshing Techniques
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Electromagnetic Analysis (Static, Harmonic and Transient)

Advance Pro-Engineer (Creo parametric 3.0)

CAD applies in design 3D Modeling and 2D Drafting work by advanced Design Software. 3D part modeling, 2D drawings, Parts Assembly, Model & Assembly feasibility check with Engineering Standards.

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  • Top-Down/ Bottom-Up Design Concept.
  • Creating design frame works
  • Restructuring and Mirroring Assemblies
  • Creating and Using Flexible Components
  • Using Assembly Features and Shrink wrap
  • Replacing Components in an Assembly
  • Creating Cross-Sections, Display Styles, and Combined Views
  • Understanding the Basics of Simplified Reps
  • Substituting Components By Rep, Envelope, and Model
  • Understanding Advanced Simplified Rep Functionality
  • Reduce development costs by creating virtual prototypes for desktop testing.
  • Simulate Real-World Forces
  • Perform kinematic analysis (position, velocity, and acceleration analysis)
  • as well as dynamic motion analysis (friction, gravity, and forces)
  •  Compare real-time motion with the graphical results
  • Inverse static loading.
  • Use Pro/TOOLKIT to program a variety of complex behaviors
  • i.e.: force based gear systems, belts driven by flexible pulleys, linear beam and truss elements
  • Animates plastic injection fill process and automatically creates Web reports within Pro/ENGINEER browser
  • Access library of common plastic materials and automatically select from typical injection-molding machine parameters
  • Identify optimal injection locations to reduce cycle time and improve product appearance
  • Identify potential mold-filling problems such as short shots, air traps, and weld lines
  • Improve design quality and reduces manufacturing cycle times and rework of molds
  • Introduction to Mold Design
  • Analyzing Design Models
  • Creating Mold Models
  • Creating Sliders
  • Creating Parting Surfaces
  • Creating Mold Components
  • Creating Mold Features
  • Filling and Opening the Mold
  • Using Mold Layout

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