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Plumbing Drafting & Designing Course Content

Plumbing Drafting & Designing is a complete career oriented course which is in high demand these days. R_CAD solution has understands its demand and design an advance course for Plumbing Drafting & Designing for engineering students.

Plumbing Technology is a career oriented course to make a career in highly booming field worldwide to keep up with the latest developments and odern building design. It surely increases career opportunities including operation and system design.

Plumbing system design consists of the distribution of water in a building and for the sewage disposal system design.

Plumbing technology is a basic outline that will put you on the way to career in the Plumbing trade. Trainee should come away from this course with a good understanding of the basic needed to start a career in the field of Plumbing.

R_CAD constantly introduce with the industrial revolution, and new methods of modernization, higher efficiency, and system control all over the world.

As per ASHRAE and ISHRAE Standard.

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 Plumbing System
  • Plumbing system design
  • Plumbing codes (UPC)
  • Isometric drawings
  Water distribution system design
  • Pipe material
  • Fitting and valves
  Domestic water system design
  • Estimating water demand and sizing
  • Plumbing fixture units
  • Method of heating water
  • Piping design and layout
  • Water heater and tank sizing
  • Types of water distribution system
  Drainage systems
  • Drainage layout
  • Drainage fittings
  • Bathroom and toilet fixture knowledge
  • Vent pipe design
  • Sewage sumps
  • Sump pump design
  • Interceptors
  • Storm system design
  • Storm layout
  • Roof drains
  Details study of various Air Conditioning equipments and its application
  Introduction about HVAC
  Introduction about Fire Protection
 Training of Design Software

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