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PTC Authorised Training Center

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  • Scope of automation in industry -0.5
  • Introduction to PLC- Need and Advantage-0.5
  • Relay and Contactor, Its working / use and Applications -0.5
  • Sensor and its types-1
  • SMPS Power Supply-0.25
  • Basic Logic Operations-0.5
  • Architectural evolution of PLC-0.5
  • Introduction to PLC hardware -0.5
  • PLC components -0.25
  • I/O modules-0.25
  • Programming languages-0.25
  • Block Diagram and its details – 0.5
  • Basic Examples to clear concept of NO, NC, Coil instructions -0.5
  • Addressing concept-0.5
  • Sinking and Source concept while interface the digital-0.5
  • Types of communication methods-0.5
  • Different PLC manufacturer name, its type of CPU series -0.25
  • Programming-4
  • Hands on Experience on writing Programs-4
  • Creating a New Project-9

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