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Revit MEP Course Content

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 Introduction to Revit
  • What is BIM?
  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Difference between AutoCAD and Revit


 Project Set-up in Revit
  • Creating Levels and Grids
  • Project set up
  • Linking Revit Models
  • Linking or Importing CAD
  • Work-sharing, creating discipline as per requirement
 Unit Tool and Modify Tools
  • Extend/Trim, Mirror, Offset, Scale, Array, Rotate, Copy, Move, Split & Pin
 Windows in Revit
  • Switch-Close Hidden & Cascade-Tile mode
 Creating Zones, Spaces

Annotations in Revit

  • Dimensions: Temporary & Permanent
  • Spot dimension and Slope elevation
  • Tags, Keynotes, text.
 HVAC in Revit
  • An overview to HVAC as per industry standards.
  • Routing Supply, Return, Exhaust Ducting.
  • Placing AHU/RTU, Terminal Boxes.
 Plumbing& Piping in Revit
  • An Overview to Plumbing & Piping as per industry standards.
  • Routing Domestic & Sanitary piping.
  • Placing Plumbing Fixtures in the model.
 Electrical System in Revit
  • An Overview to Electrical system as per industry standards.
  • Electrical wiring and circuits.
 Fire Protection in Revit
  • An Overview to Fire Protection system as per industry standards.
  • Routing Fire Protection piping
  • Placing Sprinklers and Fire Protection based equipment in project.
 Riser Diagram
  • Creating Plumbing and Piping Riser Diagram.
 Documentation in Revit
  • Drafting view, Detail Lines & Legend views
  • Revisions
  • Call-outs
  • Sheet views
 Importing and Exporting files in Revit
  • Import CAD, DWG, DWF 
  • Link Revit, CAD, IFC
  • Export DWG, CAD, IFC, DWF formats
 Printing in Revit
Generating Schedules in Revit
Visibility in Revit
  • Visibility Graphics
  • Scope Box
  • View range
  • Section views and Elevation views
 Building Performance Analysis
  • Calculating heating and cooling loads.
 Understanding Phasing
  • Phase
  • Phase Filter
  • New Construction, Existing Construction, Demolition Work
 Manage project settings
  • Purge
  • Templates & Project parameters
  • Work-sharing, synchronize to Central, Relinquish, Reload Latest
  • Interference checking
  • Copy/Monitor
 Revit Family Creation
  • Family Creation using extrusion, blend, revolve, sweep, sweep-blend
  • Different type of Families.
 Understanding Revit
  • How to use Templates?
  • How to make Templates?
  • Parameters: project, family, shared, type and instance
  • Plug-ins in Revit

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